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Posted by: Editor on Jun 12, 2008 – 12:23 PM
romance  There’s nothing more relaxing than spending quiet time on the beach and enjoying the pleasures it has to offer.

The Bahamas, with 700 islands and over 2,500 inlets and rocks and cays, is the perfect place to find the perfect beach. The sub-tropical climate, warm, friendly people and, according to NASA astronauts, the clearest water in the entire Caribbean region make the Bahamas one of the best places for a beach vacation.

Most of the beaches in the Bahamas are pristinely white, with sand that is extraordinarily fine and soft to touch.

Whether you are looking for active fun filled with all the imaginable water sports, or just tranquil sunbathing in your own deserted spot on the beach, you can find it in the Bahamas.

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Best Beach Vacations in the Bahamas


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