Flying to The Bahamas

Flight planning and flying vacation guide

When flying to the Bahamas…

  • File an International Flight Plan (
  • Must have Coast-Guard approved life jackets for each person on board
  • Activate your flight plan before leaving (in Florida go to 122.2, 122.4 or 126.7 (Miami Radio) and 122.5 out of Ft. Pierce area.)
  • Your first landing in The Bahamas must be at an official designated airport of entry in order to clear Bahamas Customs and Immigration.
  • Prior to landing, close your flight plan on 124.2 or 128.0 (Nassau Radio).
  • …If unable to close in the air, call (800) WX-BRIEF or (242) 377-7116. InExuma, 118.0 (Exuma Tower)
  • Prepare Gen Decs or Cruising Permit, and Immigration cards in advance if possible.
  • Be cooperative with Customs & Immigration, they’ll be happy to help.
  • You can cruise the entire Bahamas with a C7A cruising form for private pilots, but your last point of departure from The Bahamas must be an airport of entry. They will give you clearance to leave the country.

Returning to the U.S.

  • You must depart from an airport of entry. Pilot must fill out one (1) copy of the Bahamas Customs C7 form for the private pilots and turn in the Bahamas Immigration card copy.
  • File an International Flight Plan (800) WX-BRIEF, You must put advise U.S. Customs (ADCUS) in the remark section of your flight plan.
  • You must call U.S Customs and make an arrival appointment
  • Activate flight plan with Nassau Radio on 124.2, 128.0 or Freeport Radio.
  • …If unable, activate with Miami Radio 126.7 or 122.4. From Bimini, 122.1
  • …Miami Remote no voice, and listen on VOR 116.7. Higher altitudes get better reception.
  • Must receive a discrete transponder code from FSS 126.7 Miami Radio 15 minutes
  • …before penetrating the ADIZ. Flight Service is responsible, not Approach Control!
  • For flight following, contact Nassau on 121.0 or Miami on 125.7.
  • Close your flight plan in the air on 122.2, 122.4, or 126.7. If not able,.close at Customs office with (800) WX-BRIEF.
  • Land at an Airport of Entry such as MIA, FLL, FXE, PBI or FPR. Take all your baggage and go directly to Customs.

Private pilots visiting The Islands Of The Bahamas should expect the following:

  • No overtime customs fee for private aircraft visiting The Islands Of The Bahamas where the pilot declares that he/she does not receive any remuneration and the flight is for recreational purpose
  • No transire (C38) is needed for private pilots cruising through The Islands Of The Bahamas for pleasure (a copy of the C7A will suffice)
  • No tie-down fee — except in Freeport, Grand Bahama Island
  • A flight plan must be filed — activate prior to entering The Islands Of The Bahamas and close after landing
  • All passengers six years and over leaving The Bahamas pay a government Departure Tax of fifteen dollars ($15) except for Freeport, Grand Bahama Island (private airport), where an additional $3 airport security fee is applicable.

Source: Florida Pilot Association

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