Andros Island Bahamas Vacation Guide

Andros BahamasAs the largest and least-explored island in The Islands Of The Bahamas, Andros offers a wide variety of activities for just about everyone.

This 2,300-square-mile island paradise is not only known as the bone fishing capital of the world, but also boasts the second-largest reef in the Northern Hemisphere and is home to the oldest dive resort on the planet. A number of blue holes can be found both inland and in the shallows of Andros Island.

Whether diving or snorkelling, the average year-round 80°F temperature of the crystal clear, blue waters makes discovering the abundant marine wildlife surrounding Andros Island a magical treat you’ll never forget.

The diverse topography which rises from these tropical waters is full of life, some of which can only be found on Andros. Over forty kinds of wild orchids, rare, endemic birds, wild boar, iguanas as long as four feet and a recently discovered tribal group all make their homes among the miles of deserted beaches, freshwater mud flats, thick brush, lush pine forests and inland waterways that make up this Atlantic oasis. It is even said to be the home of pirate Henry Morgan’s buried treasure and two mythical creatures – the chickcharnies and Lusca.

Sharing this magical island are the locals, or Androsians. These peaceful people pride themselves as skilled artists and craftsmen whose origins are believed to date back to the Seminole Indians, runaway slaves from Florida and an ethnic mix of different people from Africa to South America.

The people of Andros invite you to visit their tropical island home. Whether you seek challenging water sports or are in search of magical discoveries, Andros is the island for adventurers and ecotourists alike.

Water Sports

Because water temperatures average 80°F year-round, Andros is ideal for just about every water sport imaginable. Divers will be astounded at the clarity of the water and the quality of the dive sites. Snorkellers can enjoy easily accessible, shallow-water coral gardens.

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Bahama Out Islands Promotion Board
One Turnberry Place
19495 Biscayne Boulevard
Suite #809
Aventura, Florida 33180
Phone: 305-931-6612
Fax: 305-391-6867

Andros Tourist Office
(Central Andros/Fresh Creek)
Phone: 242-368-2286

Andros Tourist Office
(South Andros)
Phone: 242-369-1688


For inquiries related to local government:

Administrator’s Office
Mangrove Cay
Phone: 242-369-0331

Administrator’s Office
The Bluff
Phone: 242-369-4569
Fax: 242-369-4900

Administrator’s Office
Fresh Creek
Phone: 242-368-2101

Administrator’s Office
Nicholl’s Town
Phone: 242-329-2278