Exuma Bahamas Island Vacation Guide

The Exuma Islands Vacation Guide

Exuma BahamasThe Exuma Islands are located in the middle of The Islands Of The Bahamas, yet remain mostly undisturbed. The Exuma Islands are a collection of some 365 cays and islands stretching over 120 miles, supported at the southern end by two main islands, Great Exuma and Little Exuma. The main attractions for visitors to The Exuma Islands are its world-class sportfishing and boating. The miles of picturesque islands, cays and hidden coves make for some of the most spectacular sailing in The Islands Of The Bahamas, both for recreational sloops and competitive yachting alike.

The average year-round temperature is a perfect 78°F, and the rolling hills, wide sandy beaches and brilliant, clear blue waters give life to some of the earth’s more spectacular creatures. The Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park is home to several rare birds, exotic reptiles, colourful fish and breathtaking species of flora. Snorkellers will find the wide, shallow coastal region teeming with life and easy to explore, while divers can explore the huge coral reef or Exuma Sound which is filled with caves, blue holes and shipwrecks.

The population of The Exuma Islands is only about 3,600, most of whom rely on farming, fishing and tourism for their livelihood. The island is dotted with ruins of earlier settlements, outdoor markets, and quaint farming communities. Fresh pineapple, tasty tomatoes, juicy guava, sweet mangoes, huge avocados and pigeon peas are the pride of the island and are exported nationwide. The Exuma Islands also claim bragging rights to their place in Hollywood, having twice been the location for James Bond films – more than any other island in The Islands Of The Bahamas.

Whether boating, fishing, diving, eco-tourism or escapism – your pleasure can be found in The Exuma Islands.

Sailing and Boating

Home to many boating competitions like The Family Island Regatta, The New Year’s Day Cruising Regatta, and the widely revered National Out Island Regatta, The Exuma Islands are considered by many yachtsmen to be one of the best places in The Islands Of The Bahamas for sailing. The Exuma Islands are comprised of 365 cays.

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