Bahamas Private Islands

Buy a Private Island in The Bahamas

You can buy an island paradise all your own in the sunny Bahamas. Hurry to look into this exciting possibility, keeping in mind to do a little homework before you invest.  Whether you have tens of thousands of dollars or several million, either category being capable of making an island investment, it is a thrill to shop for an island in a country where it is always summer.

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The first thing to do is arrange for an island inspection.   Here are a few things to keep in mind while island hunting.

1. development of an island or its proximity to a developed island will increase the price.

2. factors you take for granted in urban areas of the United States or Europe, such as convenient transportation, communications and utility services are limited or non-existent when you purchase undeveloped islands.

3. Each island, indeed each area of the Bahamas, has its own unique charm or personality which appeals to specific individuals and is sometimes reflected in the prices asked and paid.

Most islands that are for sale are listed with the reputable real estate agents who are members of the Bahamas Real Estate Association. These folks can save you considerable amounts of time and money in shopping for an island.

They are intimately familiar with specific islands from personal visits and have detailed information on important facts such as size, elevation, water supply, improvements and history of ownership.

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