Bahamas Weather –

Bahamas Weather

Weather in The Bahamas Islands is usually warm and sunny.  If its not, wait a little while and it will be.   🙂

For those interested in more precise current Bahamas weather conditions, or a slightly more accurate forecast, there is plenty of additional Bahamas weather information here, including radar, satellite maps, hurricane tracking information and individual island weather forecasts for Nassau, Grand Bahama and all major islands of The Bahamas.

Detailed Bahamas weather forecasts.

Most often, you’ll enjoy the Bahamas weather. The sub-tropical and tropical climate makes the islands a pleasant destination year-round. The Gulf Stream and Trade Winds help to maintain even temperatures throughout the year, ranging from 20 to 30 degrees celsius during the day and 17 to 21 degrees C at night. Sea temperatures range between 23 degrees C in February and 28 degrees C in August.


Lightweight, tropical clothing is ideal throughout the year. Some hotels may require men to wear a jacket and tie for dinner and beachwear is inappropriate in downtown Nassau, churches, restaurants and casinos. A light sweater or wrap is suggested for the evening during winter months.

WEATHER NETS – Bahamas, Florida coastal and tropical weather information can be obtained daily as follows, all times local: On SSB freq 4003 USB at 07.00; on amateur radio, freq 7096 or 3696 LSB at 07.20; on the Waterway Radio and Cruising Club daily net, including S.W. North Atlantic offshore weather on freq 7268 at 07.45. Weather information on VHF is available in various places at different times and on different channels, ask locally for details. Available daily in Nassau area on channel 72 at 07.15.

Bahamas weather is also available on local AM radio, freq 1540 at 06.15 and 06.45 from the Nassau Met Office.

10-Day Forecast for Nassau

10-Day Weather Forecast for Freeport, Bahamas

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