Getting Around The Bahamas

Several major international car rental companies have outlets in Nassau and Freeport, supplemented by small local firms. Other transportation rental options include motorcycles, scooters and bicycles (usually only one gear), available primarily in Freeport and Nassau.

There’s no shortage of taxis in Nassau and Freeport, where they can be hailed on the streets. Taxis are also the main local transportation on the Family Islands, though you’ll need to summon one by radio or telephone.

Bahamas Information Index and Site MapIntra-island flights offer the only quick and convenient way to travel between islands. Bahamasair serves Grand Bahamas and the larger Out Islands. You can also charter a small aircraft – which, if you plan to do a lot of island hopping and can get a few people together, is cost effective and time saving.

Inter-island ferries are not as ubiquitous as you may imagine, but a few exist. Water taxis, for example, ply between Nassau and Paradise Island. Bahamas FastFerries is the only high-speed ferry in the islands; it links Nassau and Eleuthera. Marinas are strewn about the islands like confetti at a wedding, and yachts for hire are not hard to find.